What would a church with the name Hope Community look like?
It would be a place of grace and truth, a
place of acceptance that understands the
struggles people have, a non-condemning
community that gratefully acknowledges
that forgiveness is always available.
At Hope Community we believe that there is an emptiness and
woundedness in people's lives which is symbolized by the partial outline
of the heart in our logo.  And emptiness that is filled and a woundedness
that is healed by the Living Hope, Jesus Christ.

We aspire to a new paradigm of church; one where discipleship is
integrated with counseling services, support groups, related seminars
and a caring community where grace, forgiveness and acceptance are
extended to everyone.
Hope Community Church
    Lakeville, Minnesota
Pastor Mark is also Director of the Lakeville Police Chaplaincy
Service. Please click
here for the chaplaincy site or here for the
latest chaplaincy newsletter.
Chaplain Bellows...
(Hope Community Church pastor) on his way to the next call... : )
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