Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)
We are affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of
America.  They are an association of some 1,250 autonomous
churches united by a mutual commitment to serve Jesus
Christ.  We are committed to cooperate with one another in
ministry and fellowship as we seek to fulfill the Great
Commission which Christ has entrusted to His Church.  The
growing ministry of the EFCA currently extends to some 42
nations of the world.

The term "
Evangelical" refers to our commitment to the
proclamation of the Gospel and to the authority of Scriptures
as being inerrant in the original autographs and the only safe
and sufficient guide to faith and practice.

The term "
Free" refers to our form of church government
which assures that our local churches are free from a central
controlling body.  Evangelical Free Churches depend upon the
active participation of pastors and lay people in the decisions
and directions of the local church.
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